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AHPI Films.
Two of the best looking human beings that emerged in the Hollywood world. ¶ A little about me: I’m Ant. I love cinema. I love the cinema you hate and probably like the cinema you love, too. For me it’s about dedication to form and my fav just happens to be most all motion pictures. If you don’t know about me check out: ahpi.ca and theatorium.com. The first Theatorium film is being released on October 31, 2014.




Published on Siteway, spring 2011.

We built a lightbox for this guy and it’s showing right now at The Arts Project in London, Ontario through to May 3.


First Siteway portrait in two years. Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rustin Cohle.



I have been lucky enough to be commissioned by, quite probably, the best client ever, and his project Theatorium. HE SURE KNOWS HIS SHIT. And his character design is awesome, and full of emotion.
This was an interesting and extremely rewarding challenge. This is Ethan Phelps: character of Anthony Hare. He described him as ‘gentle giant’. There are still a couple of things to nut out, such as that funky arm, and I also auto-piloted follow-through on the face, but that’s easy to fix.
85 percent done, I’d say! Roughing out things is most of the battle.
THEATORIUM: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ahpi/truly-gently-presents-theatorium Go check it out, ay?

Anya: this is so awesome. Theatorium just got a whole lot more real.


This is the series of pieces I created to thank my @Kickstarter backers.

Scorsese illustrated illuminated sign. 3D.


Theatrical trailer no. 1 for Theatorium. Music by Frankum.

Bronowski Notebook. http://society6.com/AHPI
Read my interview with LondonFuse. Photo by Thomas Cermak.

Theatorium trailer: February 14, 2014.

Expect to see this segment animated in Theatorium S0E0, ‘Making Mistakes.’ I’m imagining that Theatorium will contain a few Levitorium interludes per episode.