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Read my interview with LondonFuse. Photo by Thomas Cermak.
From 2000. Portrait illustration of Bertrand Russell. This was one of my early illustrations from when I lived in Nottingham. I can remember thinking this was a good indication of what might come if I kept at it. 

Werner Herzog for National Post Arts. Thursday, May 4th 2006

Raymond Carver II by Ant. 2008.
Nick Tosches by Ant. 2007.
Alfred Hitchcock IIIb, 2009. By Ant.
Gone but not forgotten. Andrew Carnegie acquired education and wealth in the first two acts of his life. Then he spent the third act dispensing of that wealth to the end of helping build a continent’s worth of libraries. Hero.
Charley Harper. Portrait by Ant.
Philip K. Dick by Antony Hare. 2005.
Martin Scorsese portrait, circa 1979, by Ant.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, portrait, 2009. By Antony Hare, P.I.
Ansel Adams portrait, 2007. By Ant. See time-lapse here.
Kurt Vonnegut portrait by Ant. 2007.
AHPI portrait of Christoph Eschenbach in the April 2, 2012 issue of the New Yorker.
Portrait of Ralph Steadman by Ant. From 2007.